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How Can Therapy Help Me?

I believe everyone has the resources to be in rewarding contact with themselves as well as with other human beings.

Reproductive challenges are a time of enormous change, bringing with them stressors, the impacts of which can significantly affect our lives. This can sway confidence and relationships; we can feel immense anxiety, depression or simply feel utterly overwhelmed.

During such times, support can not be underestimated.
No one can experience pregnancy challenges alone; no one can grow a pregnancy alone; no one should feel birth trauma alone; no one should flounder as a new parent alone.

My job is to provide professional support in order to help you and your family (significant partners need support too) to transition through these challenges.

One on One Therapy

Individual appointments are 60 minutes.

We will discuss what has brought you to see me.
I see my task being to guide you to see more clearly about your situation and experiment in finding new ways to face challenges. I pay attention to patterns that emerge in your relationships – with friends, colleagues, partners, family and with yourself, of which provide glimpses of your inner experience. I also pay attention to what happens between myself and you, in the room. This is deeply rewarding and transformative work.

Session fee: $140 per one-hour session

Couples Therapy

Couple appointments are 90 minutes for the first session and 60 for subsequent sessions.

In our first session I will gauge a bit about your background both as a couple as well as ask you some questions about your individual family backgrounds. These questions find their roots in attachment theory as well as systemic work, and help me gain understanding of how you relate to others when in relationship and your needs as an individual (which can differ).

I see each couple or family as a ‘system’ and you are both individuals, which makes up this system.
Your relationship effectively becomes my client. Each person has a unique point of view in the relationship (which can differ). In essence your relationship is a third person in the room. I will spend time observing patterns of relating as well as the nature of the challenges that brought you here, the history of these issues and gauge the desire for change. (couples can be heterosexual or same sex)

Session fee: $180 session

New Parents and Families

We do not discriminate what defines a new parent or family. If you are an adult or adults and a new baby is involved, you are welcome.

I’ll observe you with your little one, including any attempts to settle baby and feeding. Becoming a parent can often be an overwhelming life transition phase.

For mothers but also for the significant other – who is often sadly ignored in the pregnancy process by practitioners, books and information sources, yet must prop up a vulnerable mother and baby.

Both mother and significant other often need education as well as validation of their experience. Parenting skills are not part of our society’s general experience.

These in-home sessions provide ample opportunity to discuss any issues which have arisen since coming home with a dependent little person (who can’t verbalise their needs) both as individuals and as couples trying as best they can to work as a team.