why therapy?

Therapy has been around since humans put charcoal to cave walls. Story telling was the earliest form of therapy, then the tribe and elders offered similar support structures. At it’s core therapy is therefore about support, and accepting support can be profoundly life-changing and validating.

I believe everyone has the resources to be in rewarding contact with themselves as well as with other human beings. But often life can bring times of enormous change, grief or transitions, bringing with them stressors, the impacts of which can significantly affect our lives. This can sway confidence and relationships; we can feel immense anxiety, grief, loss, depression or simply feel utterly overwhelmed.

Individuals, families and their relationships have the potential to thrive, even during times of great adversity. Because with awareness comes choice; with choice pathways forward can emerge.

With awareness comes choice; with choice, pathways forward can emerge.

how i work

My job is to provide professional support in order to help you and/or your partner or family to transition through these challenges. I see my task as a guide to help you find more clarity about your situation as well as experiment in finding new ways to face challenges.

First and foremost however, I want to hear your story. Why? Because your story is significant – it makes up your belief system of who you are and what has led you to my door. Also, by placing your story centre-stage can be a profoundly healing experience.

I pay attention to patterns that emerge in relationships – with friends, colleagues, partners, family – these provide glimpses into your own inner experience.

In our first session I will gauge a bit about your background both- whether you are individual, couple or family. I’ll ask you some questions about your individual /family background/s. These questions find their roots in attachment theory as well as systemic work, and help me gain understanding of how you relate to others when in relationship and your needs as an individual (which can differ).

what kind of therapy i practice

I practice a combination of modalities all with a pull towards relational, mindful and humanistic therapies. I focus on gestalt therapy, mindfulness and attachment theory.


Individual appointments

60 minutes
Session fee: $140 per session

Couples appointments

90 minutes
Session fee: $180 per session

New parents and families

90 minutes
Session fee: $180 per session